Cancer Research UK — #ActsOfUnity

Using real stories of unity to raise money


Create a mass fundraising campaign that makes CRUK synonymous with World Cancer Day, engages beyond their existing supporters, and raises vital funds.


Demonstrate the power of togetherness over cancer — show that, whoever we are, we are all connected in the fight, and together we will beat cancer sooner.


We discovered that the internet is a wash with “Acts Of Unity” — those acts people do for those fighting cancer, simply to say “we’re with you”. Uniquely personal, or grand gestures… but always genuine demonstrations of humanity that are touching to even hear about, let alone watch.

We scoured the country for these stories, and worked with the families of people fighting cancer to get hold of real-life amateur footage & photography of these incredible acts. This content then formed the basis for a fully integrated campaign including TV ads, DOOH, press and social content.

In each case, these stories were used as inspiration for our audience to play their part in a mass Act of Unity — wearing a Unity Band on World Cancer Day — to help raise vital funds to beat cancer sooner.


  • +19% increase in campaign recognition YOY
  • +10% increase in feeling “inspired” (emotion driving action)
  • +4% increase in funds raised YOY
  • 5 star rated TVC (Brain Juicer)