Oakley — Back On The Road

A secret mission to fuel cycling obsession


Surprise & delight die-hard cycling fans across Europe, deepening engagement in Oakley’s global ‘One Obsession’ campaign.


We discovered that a common thread that unites amateur cyclists is the frustration caused by a lack of time & money for either training, keeping their equipment in good condition or finishing off that restoration project they’d been planning for years.

We wanted to alleviate these barriers and help them get back to enjoying their obsession.


‘Back on The Road’ was a secret mission to identify, acquire, restore and return the beloved bikes of amateur riders across Europe. The project kicked off with an undercover search of online auction sites to find passionate people reluctantly selling their rides.

After covertly collecting our purchases, we brought them to Oakley’s ‘In Residence’ workshop in London, where a team of passionate mechanics were briefed to resurrect the neglected bikes and make the owners’ ambitions come to life.

Once the final details had been added, we turned up - bikes in tow - on the doorsteps of our cyclists and reunited them with their awesome ‘new’ rides.

The whole process was captured and retold through an emotional short film, supported by a series of bite-sized content, distributed across social channels throughout Europe.


  • 4.6m Impressions
  • 19.6% Engagement rate
  • 5x European regions activated