Sugru — Domestic Ninja

Celebrating the rise of the Domestic Ninja


Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue, required a kick-ass awareness and trial campaign.


Sugru is the champion of ‘Feel-good home improvement’ — it makes everyday home fixes, hacks and improvements easy and fun. We knew if we could harness that feeling of empowerment people get from using Sugru, the brand would get the recognition and global love it deserves...


Enter The Domestic Ninja. An integrated content campaign that used some old-school camera trickery to equip normal people with Ninja-like skills the second they open their pack of Sugru.

We took some of the most popular uses for Sugru — as suggested by passionate brand advocates — and used them as inspiration for a series of short, entertaining Ninja films.

To spread the word, these videos were used as pre-roll ads, and short form versions allowed us to activate paid spend across social platforms too — all driving traffic to a dedicated landing page, with more inspirational ideas of how to use Sugru and a unique offer to drive trial.

As the campaign progressed, the search for the top 100 #DomesticNinja tips got underway. Prominent influencers in the &lsrquo;home improvement’ space were recruited to lead the search, motivating fans and followers to make a tonne of their own #DomesticNinja content too.


  • 32m Campaign impressions
  • 12% Engagement rate
  • + 40% Above conversion rate target
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