Cancer Research UK: Race For Life — Mission Briefing

Inviting 1.7 million women to join the “Pink Army”


Create a digital call-to-arms that captures the attention of Race for Life’s past participants, and compels them to sign up for the 2015 mission.


Race for Life have a wealth of data on previous racers. We wanted to leverage this to create a powerful, personalised piece of content that spoke directly to our past participants.

  • Race for Life clipboard
  • Race for Life projector


Recognising the power of a direct rallying cry, our creative thinking led us to ‘Mission Briefing’: a personalised video that spoke directly to each of our 1.7 million past participants, thanking them for their previous efforts and rallying them to join us once more.

Set in an atmospheric battle HQ briefing room, each visitor is greeted by a tough-talking drill sergeant who personally invites them to once again step up and take their place at the starting line.

Using a smart blend of data integration and videography, we were able to address the recipient by name, highlight details of her last event, provide information about the three races (missions!) she could take part in, and help her find her upcoming local races.


  • 1.7m Emails sent
  • + 46% Uplift in click through rate
  • + 35% Uplift in conversion rate
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