William Lawsons — #NoRulesCup

Taking fan created content to an epic level


Challenge beer consumption during 2014’s ‘big-global-summer-football-competition’, putting a William Lawson’s Scotch & coke in fans’ hands instead.


William Lawson’s are a bold challenger brand with a ‘nae messin’ attitude, so traditional ‘slap your logo on a stadium’ brand marketing just wasn’t going to cut it.

By observing the explosion of user generated content around big matches, we realised that William Lawson’s could become a credible part of this conversation by taking fan-created content to an epic level.

  • No Rules Cup 2014 logo
  • No Rules Cup on mobile devices


And so the #NoRulesCup was born, with William Lawson’s providing the stage for a bunch of out-of-shape football fans to re-create all the thrills and spills of events happening in Brazil.

We built a football pitch in a warehouse, set up a newsroom with a social media listening station and recruited a motley crew of excitable blokes with questionable footballing ability.

Over the campaign we created and released hundreds of reactive pieces of content: from images and Vine clips to longer form video.

This content was distributed throughout key markets via owned channels, influencers and relevant media outlets such as Football Daily. One vine clip, a Subbuteo inspired parody of the Luis Suarez biting incident received 3.5 million loops and was voted in top 10 vines of the World Cup by the Daily Mirror.

Our community managers fuelled always-on social chat, and by listening to what fans worldwide were bantering about, ensured we continually shaped and refined our content to feel part of the conversation.

The campaign climaxed with our live final, where we released 10 short parody clips to YouTube within minutes of the action happening in Brazil, plus a fully edited highlights package, ready for the world to wake up to the following morning.


  • 65.3 million total campaign impressions
  • 575% YouTube Subscriber growth
  • No Rules Cup Portugal tactics
  • No Rules Cup Messi
William Lawsons YouTube channel