The Happy Egg Co. — The Happy Trail

Taking foodies on a digital tour of a free range farm


Justify the brand’s welfare credentials and prove that “happy hens lay really tasty eggs”


Provenance is really important to the target audience, and socially they respond well to authentic images and videos of life on the Happy Egg farms. So, we wanted to create an online journey that highlighted the brand's welfare commitment, being open and honest about our happy hens and farms, and inspiring people to try our tasty eggs.

  • The Happy Egg Co. - The Happy Trail


We created The Happy Trail: a content-led digital experience that opened the gates to the happy egg co. farms showing the lengths they go to to keep their girls happy. However, follow the trail and you inevitably end up inspired to cook delicious eggy dishes!

Video content was central to ensuring our audience could get a real feel for the farms, what the brand does for their happy hens, and what visitors could do with their tasty eggs.

We used full-bleed videos and imagery to create an immersive experience, and a simple, smart navigation to help visitors ‘tour the farm’ by moving through the sections that most interested them.

Each of these five sections were built from blocks of short-form, snackable content, perfect for our audience to digest whenever they wanted, through any device. Interviews, photo galleries, blog posts and fun fact content was designed to educate and inspire our audience. Within the site, all roads led to taste (‘let’s eat’) to reinforce the tasty end benefit to consumers.

  • The Happy Trail - Playtime
  • The Happy Trail - Farmlife


  • 100,000+ Site visits
  • 5.5 Average page views per visitor
  • 1 in 5 Of visitors returned
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